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Linen Providers and Washers

We do what no one else wants to do, but what everyone needs done, and what no one ever wants to have to worry about; most especially busy hotel managers and executives.
We use only quality products in our processes and we are constantly in search of new and improved products to extend the life of our customer's linen while providing a clean, white and fresh smelling product.  Through experience we have perfected our laundry processes to provide outstanding cleaning while extending textile life.

Everyday we pick up, and then deliver back the next day; fresh laundered merchandise for our hotel clients. We launder and dry clean everything from housekeeping to food and beverage items. We take the burden and stress of managing large hotel laundry operations and place it all on our backs. We become an extention to your hotel staff with our sole purpose being; to make sure your laundry is delivered back at a pre-decided time the next day.
All orders are delivered at a predetermined time and date. We work closely with facilities to schedule deliveries as you need them, thus freeing workforce for other duties.
Today every hotel wants a host of services under one roof. No one has the time & energy to outsource work to different agencies.

That’s where Oceans come into picture. We provide qualitative service to complete the supply chain.

 It includes:

  • Procurement
  • Stitching
  • Dry Cleaning

 Of your bed-sheet linen, pillow case & towels

Adding carpet-care to this package we become a One Stop Shop for all hotel rooms.

We are here to provide Convenience & Ease.

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